Tea Tree Oil 10ML

Tea Tree Oil 10ML

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Botanical name:  Melaleuca alternifolia

Extraction method:  steam distillation 

Part of plant:  branchlets

Origin:  New South Wales, Australia - certified organic

Info:  Our oil comes from Jenbrook farm in a remote region in the north of New South Wales. Tea Tree is native here, it has been growing for over 35,000 years. The trees are naturally high in terpinen-4-ol, the most important therapeutic component of the oil. The oil is produced by a long slow distillation to ensure all trace components are extracted. This is probably the finest Tea Tree oil available in the world.
This oil has a strong anti-microbial action and there is a large amount of research done on its uses.
Middle note, tea tree does not blend very well with other aromas, though peppermint/tea tree can be an interesting combination 
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