Mooncup Size A
Mooncup Size A

Mooncup Size A

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The original vegan silicone menstrual cup.

The Mooncup is a soft, menstrual cup that you can reuse every time you get your period. The Mooncup is a cost-effective, convenient, safe and eco-friendly alternative to disposable tampons and sanitary pads.

Size A is for use by women over 30 and all who have had a vaginal birth.


Made from medical grade silicone; a hypoallergenic alternative to rubber, the Mooncup is suitable for women with sensitive skin or latex allergy.

The Mooncup comes with its own organic fairtrade cotton storage pouch so you can carry it discreetly and hygienically in your handbag.


The Mooncup Size A is 5cm long and has a `stem` to help with removal which can be trimmed if needed.

  • Product dimensions: 111 x 62 x 50mm
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