HydroPhil Medium Bamboo Toothbrush in Light Blue

HydroPhil Medium Bamboo Toothbrush in Light Blue

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Bamboo Toothbrush

This sustainable bamboo toothbrush in light blue does not only look extremely good but is also good for your environmental footprint since it is made out of renewable resources. The medium-soft bristles ensure thorough cleansing of your teeth while also protecting your gums. As the bristles wear out through frequent usage, we recommend changing your brush every three months.


The handle is made of fast-growing Moso bamboo which is biodegradable. During its two-year growth, Moso bamboo reaches a height of up to 20 metres. Artificial irrigation is not used in our bamboo cultivation, nor are pesticides or other chemicals.  

The biobased bristles are obtained from castor oil. The oil derived from the plant ricinus communis is processed into our biobased bristles and is free of BPA and petroleum. 

The solvent-free coloured lacquers of the natural colour manufacturer AURO, which are used to colour the handles, are also consistently ecological.                     

For the sake of the environment, packed plastic-free in a beautiful recycled cardboard carton. 

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