Organic Cotton (GOTS) Reusable Face Mask In Black
Organic Cotton (GOTS) Reusable Face Mask In Black

Organic Cotton (GOTS) Reusable Face Mask In Black

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- 100% organic Muslin Cotton Fabric
- Are made of 2 layers of GOTS Organic Cotton Fabric
- Stay dry longer
- Have quality elastic ear loops - Are natural and eco-friendly

The fabric is light and breathable.

- Replace the mask as soon as it gets wet and at least once a day
- Store used mask in an airtight container before washing
- Wash at 40 deg with detergent
- Reshape the mask when still wet and hang dry
- Iron the mask on high - this is an extra level of disinfection. Be careful not to iron the elastics!

We can not guarantee that our masks will prevent the transmission of disease.

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING : If you purchase one of these masks, it acts as a barrier, not as a preventative measure against Coronavirus. You still need to follow HSE guidelines and wear the masks correctly

PLEASE REMEMBER, that masks are effective only when used in combination with frequent hand-cleaning with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.

VERY IMPORTANT: The above is our research and best belief, but we do not provide medical advice, please use common sense and STAY HEALTHY!

  • For sanitary reasons, returns will not be accepted.

  • Masks should be washed before first use and after each use.

  • You can adjust the length of the elastic by tying a knot

Made in Killaloe by MoonMood
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