Eco Living Bamboo Charcoal Water Filters

Eco Living Bamboo Charcoal Water Filters

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Biodegradable bamboo charcoal water filters

These water filters have everything: biodegradable, reusable, compostable and zero Waste. Made From Natural Bamboo and suitable for vegans. 


  • Wash in running water to remove powder (do not use detergent).
  • Boil for 10 mins in a pan of water to sterilise & allow to cool and dry.
  • Place in a jug and fill with tap water (charcoal may float when new but it will tend to sink after a week or so of use).
  • Leave for 8 hours or more for best results. You can leave it in the fridge to chill if you like. It's then ready to drink.
  • Re-sterilise once a week by repeating step 2.
  • Replace with new charcoal after 2 months approx.



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