15 Minute Vegan: On a Budget By Katy Beskow

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15 Minute Vegan: On a Budget features 100 recipes for home cooks who want to create effortless, fast and delicious vegan food, without the cost often associated with vegan cooking. All of the ingredients can be purchased in supermarkets and every recipe is ready in 15 minutes or less.

Katy Beskow challenges the stigma around vegan food. She also explores how veganism is for everyone by using ingredients that are readily available and that don't need specialist equipment. This is a book for both vegans and non-vegans who want to try to reduce food costs without losing flavour. 

Chapters include: Leftovers (Potato peel crisps, Panzanella, Pitta chips); From the Cupboard (Spanish chickpea stew, Thai slaw, Black bean mole); Fresh food (Aubergine caponata, Mango gazpacho, Korean bibimbap); Family Favourites (Lentil ragu, Kedgeree with paprika yoghurt); and Sweet Treats (Cinnamon sugar tortillas, Sesame brittle thins, Apple fritters). There is also plenty of advice on eating seasonally and shopping wisely.

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