We Tell You All You Need to Know About Soap Brows

What are Soap Brows?

An instant cult classic since its launch 2016, soap brows is an essential beauty product. Tame and style your brows with ease to get the laminated brows look. Soap brows is very user friendly, and suited to achieve a natural and feathery brow look. With a vegan friendly formula that’s handmade in the UK and plastic free packaging, soap brows really hits the mark when it comes to sustainability.

What’s in the box?

Each soap brows package contains a 25g tin of product, and a bamboo spoolie. Both the tin and the box are 100% recyclable.

How do I use it?

Spray into the soap brows tin with setting spray or water. Run the spoolie around the tin to evenly coat the brush. Brush through your brows, going against the natural direction of growth, then brush your brows in the opposite direction. This back and forth brushing will ensure that you evenly coat each hair with product. Allow your brows to dry for a few minutes, and then comb your brows into the desired shape and fill with pencil if needed.

Why use Soap Brows over a regular bar of soap?

A regular bar of soap is produced as a cleaning product and is not formulated as a leave on product, as a result this will strip skin of important natural oils. Soap brows are formulated as a leave on product and contain ingredients to help moisturise your skin and strengthen brow hairs. 

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