UpCircle's Guide To Keep Your Skin Glowing This Winter

UpCircle's Guide To Keep Your Skin Glowing This Winter

This is a guest article by UpCircle.

As winter creeps in it's even more important to take care of your skin. Cold weather often causes our skin to appear dull and dehydrated. Prep yourself with UpCircle's guide to making the most of your skincare.

Using too much, or too little, of a product can  be a reason for not seeing the results that you’re hoping for. When it comes to skincare you have to act like a bit of a Goldilocks to get it ‘just right’. Therefore, Upcircle made a handy guide to help get to grips with how much of each of their products to apply per application.

No guide is a one-size-fits-all, so feel free to experiment with how much you use of a product. For some products, there is a plastic-free accessory that forms a perfect pair, resulting in better skin and a better planet!



We recommend using a 5p coin-sized amount. It should be enough to cover your face and remove makeup etc. but not too much that your face is left feeling oily and you must scrub to remove it all! Aim for a small raspberry-sized amount!

Top tip: As this is an oil-based product it should be removed with a warm damp cloth.



This one isn’t so easy to quantify! We would recommend using enough water to produce a healthy lather.

Top tip: Rub the soap directly on to skin for a gentle exfoliation, or lather in your hands and then apply to face for a more smooth application.



This should be a similar amount to your Cleansing Balm - you want enough to cover your face and neck. A grape-sized amount should be enough.

Top tip: The Scrubs can double up as a great face mask. Apply, leave to rest for 5 minutes, gently massage into your skin and then remove as normal!



For the UpCircle Face Mask you want enough for a thin layer to be spread over the face and neck. After 10 mins it should have dried leaving your skin looking a pale grey colour.

Top tip: Leave two cotton pads soaking in some green tea in the fridge. After you’ve applied the Mask pop them on your eyes, sit back and relax!



If you are spritzing the Toner straight on to your face 1-2 pumps should be enough to cover you! If you are using a pad to apply it, dampen around 2/3 of the pad and apply. Don’t forget to use both sides of the pad! Using a pad will use up more of your toner as the material will partially absorb some of the liquid.

Top tip: Keep your Toner in your bag to spritz throughout the day! It’s great post gym (when they’re open) or to spritz on straight after removing your face covering!



The UpCircle Eye Cream is packed full of great ingredients, so you only need a tiny amount for it to work its magic. You want enough to cover the lid and below the eye. One pump should be plenty for both eyes. It may sound like a small amount, but give it a try – the cream spreads very easily across the skin.

Top tip: To get the last of the cream out the bottle, if you would rather not use your fingers or if you’re applying to someone else (we’re looking at you MUA’s and facialists!) use a cotton bud - they are great for applying the cream!



Enough Moisturiser should be used to cover your face and neck in a thin layer, but you don’t want to be left feeling greasy or oily. We’re all guilty of applying too much Moisturiser in the hopes it will ‘work faster’, don’t fall into this trap! A juicy blueberry-sized amount will be perfect. Use our mini-metal scoops to ensure hygienic use!

Top tip: Keep your Moisturiser in the fridge. In summer it will feel even more amazing to apply!



Just a few drops of Serum are needed for best results- between two and four should be plenty!

Top tip: Massage the Serum gently into your face for 30 secs before bed- focusing on your temples is a great way to relax before going to sleep! It also works brilliantly with facial massage tools like a jade roller or gua sha.

Making simple changes can make winter easier to bear with. Always remember to be kind to yourself each day. 

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