Our Top Sustainable Hand Washing Tips

Now more than ever we wash our hands countless times a day. Keeping your hands clean and sanitised presents another opportunity to reduce the amount of single use plastic that you use.

Bars of soap are a great alternative to plastic bottles of hand soap, and also help to cut down on the amount of waste in your daily routine. 

Palm Free Soaps are handmade locally in Killaloe, County Clare. These soaps are vegan friendly, palm oil free and they are made with fresh filtered rain water. Fragranced with essential oils like lavender, lemongrass, and rose, they are a lovely natural alternative for hand washing.

Our tips for making your soap last longer

It is recommended that you place your soap on a dish or soap rest, away from running water to keep it dry between washes. You can also cut your soap bars in half to make them last longer.  

We have a great range of options to keep your soap fresh and dry. A soap pouch is a great way to keep your soap going for longer. Just pop your soap in the pouch, and it will dry in no time. Hydro Phil soap pouches are plant based and 100% biodegradable, as they are made from the sisal plant. 


Wooden soap dishes are another great option for getting the most out of your soap bar,  with a slatted design which helps keep wet soap from slipping around to allow water to drain.  

If you do prefer a pump bottle for your soap,  Upcircle Green Mint & Lemongrass hand wash which is also cruelty free and vegan friendly. Although there is a plastic component in the pump, the bottle is glass. It is ideal for reusing once the soap is gone. You could reuse the bottle by making a liquid soap from a  soap bar, grate the soap into hot water and let it melt down, filling your used bottle and giving it a new lease of life.

Whether you keep your soap in a pouch, a case, on a rest, or even if you grate your bars up to make them liquid, making a change to locally made plastic free soap bars can make a big difference in the long run. Check out or website for our full range of soaps and soap accessories.

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