We Share Why You Should Switch to a Safety Razor


There are many benefits to using a safety razor with replaceable blades.

These razors are made of stainless steel only, including the blade. Safety razors have much less of an impact on the environment as they are made of a recyclable material. By comparison, plastic disposable razors are made from metal, rubber, plastic and lubrication strips. Even the packaging that the safety razor comes in is more sustainable, the razor comes in a cardboard box, as do the replacement blades.  

The lifetime of a safety razor is much longer than its plastic disposable counterpart. A safety razor, with proper care, should last decades. The stainless steel handle shouldn’t rust, and neither should the blades.

Metal blades in a safety razor don’t need to be changed after every use, unlike a disposable razor. Unfortunately, the metal blades in a safety razor cannot be disposed of in household waste, they need to be recycled in specific facilities. We would recommend that you keep your used blades safely in a glass jar or metal tin, and recycle them in bulk. One option in the Limerick area is to bring your blades to one of the Limerick Recycling Centres. See their website for more information here.

Using a safety razor is a more sustainable option in the long run, with the razor itself priced at €24.99, and a 5 pack of Astra blades costing €2.50, it may seem an expensive purchase initially, compared with some plastic disposable razors that are available, however the cheaper plastic razor has a higher cost to the environment. We have a range of safety razors to choose from, they are available with or without a stand, and come in three different colours, rose gold, silver or black.

Choosing a safety razor can be a good option for you if you are looking to reduce the amount of single use plastic in your daily routine. According to Dr Tara Shine, author of How to Save Your Plant One Object at a Time, in 2018, 163 million people used disposable razors in the United States alone (p.128). Spending €25+ on a safety razor may not be an option for everyone, but if it is something that’s accessible to you, it’s a great change to make.


Using your Safety Razor

We stock Bambaw Double Edge Safety Razors in-store and online. Each of these razors are made of 100% stainless steel. The razor itself comes apart into 3 pieces, excluding the blade, for ease of changing the blade and cleaning.

  • Twist the handle of your razor anti-clockwise to disassemble.
  • The head of the razor splits into 2 pieces, which sandwich the blade. There are holes in the razor blade & corresponding pins to secure the blade on the head. Just place the blade between the two parts of the head, and twist the handle back on in a clockwise direction.
  • When changing the blade, pinch the two shorter ends of the head, so not to touch the blades.
  • Blades should be changed every few weeks or so, depending on use. You will be able to tell when your blade needs changing as the blade will feel blunt and drag on the skin.
  • We advise to use a shaving bar or body wash while shaving with your safety razor for a smooth shave.

If you're thinking of making the switch, check out our safety razors here.

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