Have Yourself a Sustainable Little Christmas - Our top tips!

Have Yourself a Sustainable Little Christmas - Our top tips!

It's official - the festive season is upon us!

While Christmas is by far one of our favourite times of year - it's not a great time for the environment. Between food waste, plastic packaging and fast fashion party-wear, this time of year can wreak havoc on our planet. While we don't expect you to forgo your Christmas festivities, we encourage you to try out some small changes this year, that can make a huge difference. We've rounded up our Top Tips to Have Yourself a Sustainable Little Christmas! 

Choose your tree wisely!

Choosing your christmas tree

Is a fake or real tree better? That is the question! If you choose to buy a fake Christmas tree, make sure that you will reuse it for at least ten years, otherwise, a more sustainable option is to buy an FSC-certified real tree.
If you go with a real tree, don't forget to dispose of it properly. Check-in with your local council, who may offer a free recycling service.

Shop Local

Shop local this Christmas

Cut down your carbon footprint and support your local retailers at the same time! Do your present shopping and food shops in local independent stores, not only will you be able to find more unique gifts, but you'll also find fresher produce! Explore zero waste gifts this year, and remember quality over quantity.

 Get creative with your wrapping!

Sustainable christmas gift wrapping

Every year, we throw away an abundance of wrapping paper - apparently enough to circle the globe nine times! Use recycled or FSC-certified paper to wrap your presents and avoid things like plastic ribbon and tape and foil-backed papers which aren't recyclable.

Re-wear that party dress!

Rewear Christmas Party Dress

Cut down on Christmas fast fashion and embrace re-wearing your party clothes this festive season! Or if a new gúna is essential, shop in second-hand shops or organise a swap party with your friends.

Cutback on Food Waste

Cutting back on Christmas food waste

Lots of food is inevitable at Chrismas, but it doesn't have to go to waste. Avoid food waste and plan how you will use your leftovers in advance. We love making a batch of turkey curry the next day, or a hearty veggie soup.
Also, another way to cut back on waste and your carbon footprint is to eat with the season. Check out what veg is in season and make sure to stock up from your local supplier.




For some sustainable gift ideas, check out our Christmas Edit.

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